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Latest Landscape trends for 2015

  • Sustainable and low-maintenance design are the top trends for residential landscape projects, according to the 2015 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey.  Demand for ecologically sensitive projects intended to preserve the environment, to conserve water and to reduce landscape maintenance is now a concern for many home owners and businesses.
  • Use native plants, adapted drought-tolerant plants, and permeable paving to lower maintenance costs.
  • Use food and vegetable gardens, fire pits, and other functional landscaping to increase property value.
  • Integrate smart irrigation systems to ensure that plants receive the water and nutrients that they need without excessive watering.

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Quality landscaping can increase your property value by tens of thousands of dollars. While interior designs changes with personal tastes and often goes out of style, the beauty that landscaping brings is more permanent. Your property is the first impression.

Eddies Landscaping is a reliable residential landscaping and commercial landscaping company that provides high quality landscaping services in Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods.  We understand how important first impressions are to home owners, small businesses and large corporations.  Like most things in life, how we see things from the outside often sets our expectations on what we think is on the inside. Your property is no exception to this.  Homes with quality landscaping feel and look more expensive. Companies with quality landscaping welcomes customers and trustworthiness.  If you have a design in mind, we can help to create it.  If you want design options, then we can help create a design that works best for you.  We take pride in providing excellent customer service, from consultation to completion.  Our goal is to ensure that your landscaping dreams become a reality.


Water Features

Water features range from fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, streams and other water based designs that are used to create a relaxing and entertaining environment. Water features reduce stress, increase relaxation, and provide a mental get away from life's common stresses.

Water Features


Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular as more home owners and businesses begin to understand the value of green spaces and the ways that people can enjoy them.  Outdoor living spaces blend indoor comfort with outdoors freedom.  Say goodbye to the garden benches of the past; life just got better.

Outdoor Living Spaces


Commercial Services

We provide commercial landscaping solutions that give your property a welcoming look that gives your customers a positive feeling about your business before they even walk through the doors.  We also provide landscaping solutions that enhance the customer experience for companies in the hospitality industry.

Commercial Services


Residential Services

Residential landscaping is on the rise and we know how to turn your yard into that dream home look.  We do everything from walls, fire pits, ponds, irrigation, drainage, outdoor kitchens, walkways, outdoor living areas and more.  We pride ourselves in helping our customers to create the yard of their dreams.

Residential Services



How landscaping can help you

  • Permeable paving helps to reduce yard flooding and dries faster than traditional pavement.
  • Native plants are best suited for the climate that you live in, making it easier to keep plants living.
  • Shaded areas may kill the grass, but you can make that shaded area a treasure with a few creative landscape ideas and plants.
  • Give plants the water they need by using effective irrigation, environmentally friendly rain barrels, and landscape designed to create the environment that your plant thrives in.



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Contact us before you start your next landscaping project.  We'll help you get the most out of your efforts as well as show you how to avoid poor quality landscaping companies.  We've been in this industry for years and understand the standards that you should be aware of.

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